Make a Generous Gift to The Cutting Edge Foundation in Support of the University Of Illinois Department Of Surgery

With your endowment, you may choose from one of several naming opportunities available. This special naming recognition opportunity can range from providing advanced care, comforting patients and their families in need to funding groundbreaking research, with the potential to impact thousands of lives.  Your gift will be treasured by patients and families who will benefit from your generosity as they face one of the toughest challenges of their lives.

At the University of Illinois, surgeons and scientists are striving to find ways to minimize the risks of surgery through cutting edge advances in research and development.  Our mission is not simply to manage diseases, but to find cures and save lives. If surgery is necessary, we will combine the best science with the most compassionate care to create a technically superior strategy for treating deadly diseases.  We will continue to strive for therapeutic options that are minimally invasive non-invasive and help one’s own body heal itself.

Research at the UIC Department of Surgery

..has helped more than twelve hundred patients convalesce more rapidly with nearly bloodless and minimally invasive surgeries

..has achieved a functional cure for diabetes through islet transplantation developing new nanoparticle and stem cell based strategies to initiate kidney regeneration to avoid dialysis

..has helped countless diabetics avoid amputation and walk again using new advances in wound healing and vascular surgical techniques developing a therapeutic for the treatment and cure of melanoma

..has helped thousands of children smile with advanced craniofacial techniques

Cutting-edge research has always been a driving force in developing the latest treatments for our patients. Some of the world’s best surgeons and scientists work at the University of Illinois Hospital and you can be a part of the amazing discoveries they will make. Naming a research space will give scientists the resources to propel their research faster, not only helping lives today but benefiting patients in generations to come.

A Year of Discovery

Translation of findings in the lab to the patient’s bedside takes a team of researchers, nurses and physicians. Beginning at the bench, your gift of can fund a PhD researcher during a year of discovery.  As discoveries are moved into clinic, your gift of could fund a research nurse who is precisely trained in research methods and the conduct of clinical trials. Whether you choose fundamental discovery or new therapeutics in the clinic, by providing support for these critical researchers, our work can advance at an accelerated pace, focusing on finding cures.

The Research Laboratory

For high impact in years to come, consider naming a surgery research laboratory in a field of your choice, where some of the most cutting-edge research in the world takes place and ensure that remarkable discoveries will continue to be made here for years to come.  Laboratory work with critical need for accelerating discovery include simulation technology to continue to advance robotic techniques, wound healing biology including hyperbaric oxygen and stem cell therapeutics, melanoma, kidney failure, islet transplantation, minimally invasive strategies for those suffering with obesity and diabetes, to name a few…

Patient care IS the closest connection WE HAVE to those we help.

Providing excellence in patient care is the hallmark of medicine. Providing comfort to those patients during their hospitalization is paramount. Your endowment to name one of these patient care rooms will be always recognized by our physicians, our patients and their families. There are a number of different naming opportunities available within the University of Illinois Hospital.

Surgery Patient Rooms

For surgical patients who require hospitalization, these rooms provide comfort and exceptional medical care during their convalescence.

Intensive Care Unit Rooms

For critically ill patients whose every day is a triumph in surgical advances, the intensive care unit rooms provide state-of-the-art surgical and medical support to maximize the patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

YOUR Endowment will not only help lives today... it will also benefit MANY lives tomorrow.


Cutting-edge research has always been a driving force in developing the latest treatments for our patients. Recruiting world-renowned scientists to work in the Department of Surgery is a priority. A Professorship will help secure the resources needed to attract the world’s best surgeons and scientists to further advance patient care at the University of Illinois Hospital.

Endowed Chair

Nothing is more devastating to a physician than the inability to treat a critically ill patient. Yet, some of the greatest discoveries in medicine originate from the medical failures that our patients sometimes endure. Taking these experiences back to the investigative laboratory requires vision, creativity and resources. An Endowed Chair allows these talented surgeons to pursue their instincts in high-risk high-gain research. Naming an Endowed Chair will not only help lives today, it will also benefit many lives tomorrow.

With sincere gratitude, we thank the families who have joined our department in striving for cures:

Carl H. and Billie M. Frese & Gerald Moss Professorship in Transplant Surgery

Claudia “CJ” Kubinski & Tapas K. Das Gupta Professorship in Surgical Oncology

Frank and Cathy Burzik Professorship in Wound Care & Tissue Repair

Jayant Radhakrishnan Professorship in Pediatric Surgery

Sara Smart Mansueto Professorship in Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Marion H. Schenk Endowed Chair in Surgical Oncology

The Lloyd M. Nyhus Distinguished Chair in Surgery

Theodore & Joanne Drugas Endowed Chair in Vascular Surgery

Turi Josefsen Chair in Colon & Rectal Surgery

Warren H. Cole Chair in Surgery

Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation

Bruno Pasquinelli Robotic Training Laboratory      

Joyce and Albert Rubenstein Family Foundation

Tony & Bruno Pasquinelli Islet Center                    

Walter Payton Liver Center             


If you would like more information on any naming opportunity, please contact Neal Shact at